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About you & me

About me

Hey There!, I'm Mariella. My real location I rather keep a secret, otherwise you'll be able find me on Facebook. I'm seeking a nice guy to enjoy nice dates, dining out, steamy sex, and maybe it can develop in a long-term relationship. Who knows?

I’m looking for

Guy with a good sense of humor, trained body, confident and willing to visit me when I need you. Do you think you tick all the boxes?


Age 50 Status Single
Gender Woman Education Primary
Sexual orientation Straight Height 5'10"
Lives in Longford Hair colour Black
Country England Eye colour Brown
Area Greater London (Hillingdon) Body type Slim


Smoker Never
Piercings None
Drinker Yes
Tattoos None
  • Casual date
  • Sex date
  • Evening with friends
  • Reading
  • Watching TV
  • English
Music taste
  • Blues
  • Reggae
  • Funk
  • Politics
  • Cooking
  • Cars
  • Football
  • Jogging
  • Golf


Genital area
  • Bald
Does size matter?
  • No, as long as you know how to use it!
My erogenous zones
  • Breast & Nipples
  • Ass
  • Calfs
I prefer
  • Passionate sex
Play level
  • Slow and gentle
Favourite positions
  • Missionary
Favourite toys
  • Vibrator
Gay / Lesbian experience?
  • No

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